The chateau de Val, situated on a promontory of Bort Les Orgues lake, is a fabulously situated 'Chateau fort'. Built between the XIII amd XVII century, it held a dominant position, overlooking the deep valley of the Dordogne. Since the construction of the dam, and its purchase by the municipality,it now overlooks creating the fabulous lake that provides clean energy, water sports, beaches and pristine mountain water for the region during the warm summers.


Since the construction of the dam, the chateau is owned by the town of Bort Les Orgues and is open to tourists. See the link to the official website above for more information.

The castle overlooks a beach to one side, with summer time floats and fun water based, activities as well as a cafe/restuarant (the Relais Valcastel, overlooking the each and the castle) and fast food ('O snacking Bus' in the car park). To the other side, in a cove, there are pontoon moorings for private boats.

~ Chateau de Val Courtyard ~
~ Chateau de Val Beach ~
~ Chateau de Val Lake Inflatables ~
~ Chateau de Val Potoon Marina ~